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Eye problems donít only happen during old age. Sometimes vision disorders may also happen in middle age. One of the common problems that occur at this age is presbyopia, or the inability to focus on objects situated up-close. As a result, people with this condition will have to move their book away from their eyes to be able to read better.

Presbyopia results when the eye lenses become rigid. Ideally the lenses should be flexible to be able to adjust to the varying distances.

When reading becomes harder than it used to be, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor for an exam, diagnosis and treatment. Glasses and progressive lenses are usually prescribed to help you see better both far and near.

Do your eyes feel dry or irritated often? Did you know wearing contact lenses can make it worse? Dry eye syndrome is more than your usual type of eye irritation.

Normally your eyes should be wet. But dry eye syndrome can hurt your eyes as it causes discomfort and blurry vision. To remedy mildly dry eyes, you can use artificial tears, which are available over the counter in drugstores. If it persists, speak with your eye doctor.

Diabetes can also significantly affect your vision. As blood sugar levels rise, the delicate blood vessels and nerves in your eyes will swell and may even leak. In serious cases, this medical condition can cause temporary blindness.

Even if youíre in middle age, you may still experience vision problems if you have a family history of glaucoma. A vision disorder with typically no symptoms, glaucoma is characterized by damage in the optic nerves.

If you believe you may have glaucoma in the future, given your family history, seek an eye test. If you already have it, speak with your eye doctor regarding eyedrop medication as well as the possibility of surgery.

Cataracts usually affect older people, but it may affect middle-aged people as well. When the cloudy matter starts to clump over your eyes, it may cause vision challenges. Cataracts may also cause sensitivity to glare.

Speak with your doctor regarding medication or prescription glasses. Surgery is also an option to remove the cloudy matter.


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Dr. Kahn has been in private practice in Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona since 1985. He is a highly skilled ophthalmologist who practices medical and surgical ophthalmology. He was voted Top Doctor in Phoenix Magazine in 2005.

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